Schema migrations

This page describes the schema migrations that have taken place over the lifetime of django-reversion, along with a how-to guide for updating your schema using South.

django-reversion 1.5

The current working version adds in significant speedups for models with integer primary keys.

In order to apply this migration using south, simply run:

./ migrate reversion

If you have a large amount of existing version data, then this command might take a little while to run while the database tables are updated.

django-reversion 1.4

This version added a much-requested ‘type’ field to Version models, allows statistic to be gathered about the number of additions, changes and deletions that have been applied to a model.

In order to apply this migration, it is first necessary to install South.

  1. Add ‘south’ to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  2. Run ./ syncdb

You then need to run the following two commands to complete the migration:

./ migrate reversion 0001 --fake
./ migrate reversion

django-reversion 1.3.3

No migration needed.